HEC Launches €100m Fundraising Campaign

October 20, 2008

This past Friday I, along with 12 of my fellow MBA classmates, had the pleasure of participating in HEC’s kickoff to THECAMPAIGN, the school’s five-year, €100m fundraising event. This is to be coupled with the €100m that the CCIP will be spending on infrastructure improvements at the school. One aspect that I particularly like (and unsurprisingly so as it’s a highly Anglo-Saxon move) is that the school will be setting aside €50m from the campaign to develop an endowment to give it a sustainable source of income. Now if they can just work on getting their press releases out in English…


David Chipperfield Architects Wins Competition to Design New HEC MBA Building

August 14, 2008

Ok, so this isn’t related to either private equity or venture capital, but it’s news for all of my fellow HEC MBA students.  David Chipperfield Architects of the UK have won the design competition held by the Paris Chamber of Commerce for the new HEC MBA building.  The building is part of the school’s planned campus expansion and will have 9,000 sq meters of space and is set to open in September of 2010 (unfortunately it’s long after I and my fellow classmates are gone this December).

It’s great to see the school not resting on it’s laurels of being the FT’s number one school in Europe and trying to make a better campus for the students with improved facilities.  I only wished they had asked for greater student input in the planning (I’m a fan of architecture and design so I would have loved to have been involved!).  Here’s hoping the school stays aggressive in trying to maintain and build upon it’s excellent reputation.