Quick Plug for Cyril Demaria’s New Blog ‘Private Equity & Finance’

July 14, 2009

I hope everyone is having one hell of a Bastille Day (La fête nationale française)! I just want to call everyone’s attention to the new blog by a fellow HEC alumnus, Cyril Demaria. Cyril’s an accomplished author and one the best French-language writers out there on the subjects of private equity and venture capital. The blog is titled ‘Private Equity & Finance’.  Be sure to check out!

Now go back to enjoying the fireworks.


Cyril Demaria on Venture Capital 2.0

October 8, 2008

AltAssets has just featured this article from HEC Alumnus Cyril Demaria concerning the current state of Venture Capital. Cyril makes some excellent points including the fact that the duration that a VC firm holds onto a portfolio company before an exit now stands at 8.6 years despite a typical fund lifespan of 10-12 years. With an increasing number of firms focusing on Cleantech that 8.6 year figure looks to rise giving a further impression that the VC business is becoming too institutionalized for it’s own good.