About the Blog

I’m currently a student in HEC Paris’ full-time MBA program. The HEC PE/VC Blog represents my take on topics and issues that are (in my opinion) pertinent to the current state of Private Equity and Venture Capital with a particular emphasis paid towards Europe…and of course France!

I’ll try and cover the full spectrum of the industry and include as much useful content as I can.  

The blog is for the benefit of HEC PE/VC Club members as well as anyone who happens to stumble upon it while browsing the world wide web.  

I’m not a journalist, I’m an MBA student. I’ve worked in Private Equity (mostly in the venture and growth capital part of the PE spectrum). I’m passionate about the business, and hopefully this blog can be a resource for other students to benefit from.

Comments and feedback welcome!


One Response to About the Blog

  1. David Weild says:

    Dear Michael,

    I’m the co-author of the white paper that you posted entitled, “Why are IPOs in the ICU?” I was the former vice chairman of NASDAQ but most importantly, did you realize that I attended HEC on exchange for a semester back in the early 80’s on the campus at Jouey en Josas?

    Best Regards,

    Dave Weild

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