Mark Your Calendars: November Full of Private Equity Conferences in Paris

Not only does the onset of autumn bring a return to school/work of the rested and hopefully well tanned masses, it’s also apparently when conference season kicks into high gear here in Paris. I’ve recently received email notices for three Private Equity related “networking opportunities”, as one communiqué put it, and all are in the month of the turkey, November. They are as follows:

  • Private Equity Exchange – Thursday, November 13th at the Hotel Méridien Étoile (Great event. I attended last year).
  • SuperInvestor 2008 – Wednesday, November 19th through Friday, November 21st at the Westin Hotel (billed as Europe’s “foremost” Private Equity Conference).
  • European Private Equity Awards – Friday, November 21st at the Hotel InterContinental Le Grand (pretty self-explanatory).

Given that the total bill for the three events would run into the thousands of euros, I doubt that the school would be up for sponsoring me. Perhaps there are a few kind alumni with extra tickets or sponsorship rights out there?


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