Back From Portugal

Apologies for not posting in some time but I’ve been traveling around Portugal (for those interested in the state of private equity and venture capital in Portugal please check out the site for the Associação Portuguesa de Capital de Risco, aka “APCRI”). My trip can really be divided into two distinct halves with the dividing point being geographical: north – south.

Lisbon and the southern portion of Portugal were well worth the trip. Excellent waters, welcoming locals; beautiful towns and scenery; overall a great time. I encourage everyone to pay the region a visit.

Porto and the north were an entirely different story altogether. With the notable exception of the Douro River (a must see), I didn’t experience much that would encourage me to return which is disappointing. Of course I admit that my perception may be skewed by the fact that of all the airports I’ve been to in the world, the service I encountered at the one in Porto stands out as the worst. Further, the woman working the Air France counter was particularly incompetent.

But that’s enough of dwelling on that topic. I have a lot of catching up to do!


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