Elevation Partners and Everyman VCs

I first saw this clip when it was originally posted last year, but I recently came across it again so I figured I’d share it. The clip is Kara Swisher from All Things Digital (recommended for all you techies) interviewing Roger McNamee of Elevation Partners (yep, Bono’s Elevation Partners). I’m posting it because it makes me laugh. I always get a kick out of the whole venture capitalist versus “Master of the Universe” rivalry with the VC’s assuming their role as everyman. This clip even takes a shot at KKR for extravagance, which in all honesty isn’t very original (especially from a guy who works for freakin’ St. Bono!). Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big proponent of venture capital, it’s just I know and have worked with quite a few that come off as trying too hard to seem like regular Joe’s (cue the countless photo examples of VCs on their sites in button-down collars, no tie, smiling in the sunshine) and at that I like to laugh.


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